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New crafting video uploaded despite audio alerts!

Nuno felt eco printed closeup.jpg

Don’t you love it when you’ve promised yourself an early night and have everything nicely uploading to YouTube, for a smooth publish, including subtitles and a nice little hand-made thumbnail – then listening to the newly published video you realise some of the background music is more foreground music? When you listen to the video, you are suddenly jarred into alert!!

Gawd.  So what do you do?  Stomp around swearing with a-gnashing-of-teeth?

I sure felt like it.  But would be the point of that?  I’d end up with high blood pressure and a few years of enamel ground down off my molars, and I’d still have to re-upload the video.  I mean, I wouldn’t want anyone watching it with headphones to have their eardrums blasted into their amygdalas.

So, deep breath, stoic expression, shuffle around on typing chair and off we go again.

Back into Premiere Pro, fine-tuning the audio gain, re-compressing for YouTube, waiting for half an hour for re-compression only to find the pc’s been waiting for me to answer “do you want to save over your old file?” “YESSSS!!!”. Back to lounge for another half an hour.  Upload and wait for two or so hours, while I re-write the tags, but thankfully only paste the description as at least one part of me had been alert during the process.

So, now it’s all loaded, with subtitles re-edited, and a nice new end template to boot.

YouTube have kindly notified Twitter, who is kindly posting on my Facebook page, so all I have left to do is notify a couple of other felting and eco-printing sites and I’m good to go – to bed that is.

It’s way past my bed time and of course, it coincides with the one day I’ve arranged to start walking with my husband at some crack of dawn hour tomorrow morning!

Having had a proper whinge now though, (and thank you for reading this far, I really appreciate you ‘listening’), I must say, I love the video.  It isn’t long, but I think it’s quite a good tutorial.  I mean, if you like felting and eco-dyeing and want to learn to make a nuno felt scarf that you can eco-dye for extra dimension and colour, it’s definitely the video for you! Check it out here.


New video tutorial – how to make a wet felt picture

As you know if you’ve been following my blog, I love making felt paintings.  I have to say though, my life has been so busy with other projects for a few months, that I haven’t made any for ages.


Recently though, I was asked to make a video tutorial, so here it is. The pics don’t really capture the depths of the blues at the top of the painting, but I think you get the idea.

I had immense fun getting all my wool and silk rovings and searching through my yarn box for just the right variegated and also dimensional yarns, and then even more joy as the little painting came together.

I’m getting used to filming the process, and even the editing is taking less time – still a.g.e.s. – but I’m getting the hang of it, and the rendering and Handbraking and uploading to YouTube with the tags and what-have-you, so people who are searching for a felt picture tutorial, actually discover it!

My desire was to make an attractive picture that was easy to demonstrate, and also copy if someone wants to – without too many intricate materials or steps.  I may make a more complex picture later, if I get enough interest.  Or I’ll make another one for the love of it, and may even video it as I make it!

Here are some closeups of the details of the simple little Sea Beach picture:

So what next?

I do have a hankering to make another nuno scarf soon though because I want to do some eco-printing on it.  I have some rose leaves in the freezer from Valentine’s Day, waiting to be put to good use. Or should I say second use – the first being the expression of love. Ahh, soppy. 😉

If you’d like to watch the new video, here is a link.  Do let me know what you think, by writing in the comments. ❤


Woops! I almost became a spammer!

Here’s the thing.  Years ago, my hubby was a sexy DJ in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands off the north coast of Africa.  He’s still sexy, but it’s twenty plus years on and we’re both a bit wider round the girth and a bit greyer at the temple lol.

Barry Noble doing The Condom Rap Tenerife

One of the things Barry Noble was known for at the time was his “Condom Rap” that was set to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Relax.  As Barry says, it was conceived and written in 1990 by him and a mate, as a ‘tongue in cheek’ observational commentary on the main stream media publicity of the (then) emerging AIDS virus.

Nevertheless, it was hugely popular with tourists and I think it is something he is quietly proud of now he’s a middle aged bloke settled down and living a ‘tame’ life with his missus and son!

A couple of years ago we came across a YouTube video that had been made by someone else and while the video was put together pretty well, I have to say, (and I’m not normally a judgmental person) it was a sad copy of Bazza’s original version.  It grated on Barry no end, but it is only now, after our teenage son pestered him (don’t you love teenagers!),  that he’s put his own YouTube video together with pics from the ‘good ole days’ along with a recording of him in the 90s doing the actual rap.  Our son has put it up on YouTube as Condom Rap Tenerife in answer to the other video and to set the story straight about who the original writer and presenter was. (Plus, I have to say even though I’m biased, it is a much better production lol).

I do want to warn anyone who is thinking of visiting, that it does have sexual references and a couple of rude words thrown in, but to be fair, in context – it was a nightclub presentation, and well, the Condom Rap, I think the language goes with the territory!

If you fancy, go visit, and if you like, please “like” it! Better still, “share” it! 😉

Do you know, this has been something I’ve wanted my hubby to do for years because I think a part of him feels like he left a little bit of himself behind when he left Tenerife to come to Australia to marry me.  I’m proud that he’s taken the plunge and made the video, and also happy that the original version is there for the record, and for old holidaymakers who remember him, to listen to.

The spamming part came when I visited the other person’s YouTube page and replied to all of Bazza’s friends who’d written on there about how they remembered the good old days, and wondering what had become of Baz.  After a few replies, YouTube thought I was a spammer and I had to repeat the letters in that little box to prove that I was human!

Don’t you love the internet?

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