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Little boxes of Gratitude!

All ready for their debut at the CWA Easter Art & Craft Twilight Markets in Beerwah on Saturday 4th April, here are lots of little boxes of Gratitude.

Each box is filled with 100 mini cards with “Thank you” on the back and “I am grateful for” x 98 different qualities and things – plus two blank cards to represent either infinite possibilities or for you to write your own quality on there.

I love the quality printing and cards, as well as the little gift boxes that each comes in.

What a lovely gift of gratitude to give the world – like so many new babies – that I have had the pleasure in making.

This project began in 2006, and I realise now that I needed to work through my own non-gratitude to a much more fulfilled place within myself before they could be born.  Over the last 8 years, I have come face-to-face with those pockets within me that were not grateful but small, clinging and miserable parts of myself that had lost touch with what I call my true Essence.  My inner journey has taken me on lots of self-focused meditations and transformational zones, where I released so much of what was keeping me small and ‘dark’.

To me, Easter is a wonderful time of symbolic renewal in which to present these cards, as each one has within it the potential to assist personal transformation on many levels.

If you’re in Beerwah on the 4th April, please do come along and say hello and choose a card to receive a free ‘gift of gratitude’! I’m writing the little booklet that will accompany the boxes of cards, and the card I chose to assist me with this was Receptivity.


Eco tees, black bean dye and Gratitude Cards …

Some silk and cotton prints.

Some silk and cotton prints.

… My feet haven’t touched the ground lately! Well, they have really, thank goodness, to keep me grounded with so much creativity bursting into life after a year of drought!

I’ll be updating this blog tomorrow with all the goodies that have been birthing, but here is a quick photo of some of the eco-dyeing to whet your appetite!


First two decks of Gratitude cards!

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