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My Vision for Arts and Crafts

StagI’ve been writing today.  I managed to make time to allow this surge of passion pull me along in its creative wake.

Spurred on by Patreon’s potential, I wrote a little more in a post about what my Vision is for my YouTube channel, and why it is so exciting for me.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I see my YouTube channel’s possibilities, visit my Patreon post.


Funding for creators and artists 

Balancing art creation with work to pay for living expenses can be frustrating and draining for artists, who have the muse nagging at us and a creative fire in the belly that is difficult to appease, while doing a regular job – whatever that may be for each of us.

Over the years, I have often quietly felt that I’m selling my soul for fiscal responsibilities in a world that is skewed to favour the more business minded soul. Yet, while one part of my heart has often yearned for the freedom of self-expression, another part has been determined to support my family as best as I can. I know I’m not alone in this, I regularly hear creator mums voicing their struggle with this same conundrum.

Perhaps there is valuable learning in the juggling. I know I have learned a lot about myself, within the constraints of time. I have met and made some inspiring friends at each place of work. I’ve also learned new crafting techniques that I perhaps wouldn’t have turned to had they not been an ideal fit to weekend creative freedom.

Please don’t get me wrong, I actually love my current place of work and haven’t got enough fingers and toes to count the blessings I’ve received while working there.  In fact, the supportive environment and accepting colleagues have actually helped me to more clearly understand and accept myself … and that includes validating my artistic nature more deeply myself.

In recent months I’ve found myself mentally beginning afresh as motherly responsibility seeps away with the sands of time and my son is now an adult. 

What to do with myself in the next phase of my life?

New found freedom from parenting provides me extra weekend time to make creative tutorial videos and I’m happy that these are proving useful and popular. But this has left me wanting more. More time to create art. More time to make jewellery. More time to shoot and edit footage.

Funding found

The most exciting discovery an artist can make which has the potential to free up time for creation, is patreon.com.

Patreon is a win-win platform for artists and patrons alike. Artists find patronage (like crowd funding) but the beauty is patrons can pledge from as little as $1, and there are different pledging tiers plus they receive rewards back from the artist for their support.

I love it. So if you’re an artist with the dilemma of making more of a passive income from fans so you can provide them with more of your creative bounty, check it out.

My page shows how I’ve arranged my rewards for patrons. Do become a patron of mine if you’re inspired – it’ll be a great journey with you coming aboard early on!

If you’re a creator and want to get your own page, if you use this link, we can both benefit.

I’d love to hear from you about your artistic vs financial responsibility experiences, struggles and triumphs.

Whatever your thoughts are on funding, I wish you a creative flow that is fulfilling for you.

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