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My vision of evolution when I was 8 years old

In response to a comment in the post “Conflicted but Creative”, I decided to share this vision I had when I was a young girl.  In order to save time, I’ve taken the liberty of copying this directly from an old website of mine, with minor editing.

When I was a child of 8 years, I had a vision that I just accepted at the time and filed away, along with many other visions and fantasies I accepted as a natural part of my world. The vision was to stay in my unconscious mind until some years ago when I began to awaken more consciously to my own potential. During that time, it resurfaced as a rather enlightening memory and one which has indirectly inspired this website. The vision was this…

In my mind I was shown three snapshot aspects of a developing humanity, and each one ran from left to right along a timeline.

The first timeline I was shown was of a single human being

I saw this person being born, growing through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and then into the senior years until dying at an old age. This human started as a ‘blank’ slate, curious, learning, seeking information, looking within and becoming wiser with age.

The second timeline was one of humanity as a whole

This picture began with an ape-man, becoming Neanderthal, going through the Stone and Iron Ages, progressing right through the Middle Ages to the Industrial Age, to the Information and Space Age where we are now and then continuing to evolve far beyond, becoming competent and wise, not just technologically, but also with compassion for all humans and other beings on the planet. These wise beings were accepted into a universal family, as our descendants interacted with other wise beings from planets beyond our solar system.

The third timeline was from a soul’s perspective

It began with a tiny spark of life emerging from the Universal Life-force Energy. This spark dipped in and out of different lives and lifetimes. It experienced itself through the eyes and emotions of men, women and children through all walks of life, poor and rich, ignorant and sagacious, from ape-man to Universal human. And with every lifetime, this bright spark grew in intensity and size, becoming more loving, more knowing and more joyful, more vibrant and more complete. This timeline, along with the second, was not restricted by the span of one life. Nor was it restricted by time or space. This timeline put the other two into perspective.

When I was an eight year old girl, I just accepted this without question. Later, as an adult, I recalled it with the tingling excitement of someone who recognises a glimpse of a universal truth.

That vision was so clear that I can view it instantly today. Today, it speaks to me of evolution, of our incredible ability as individuals, as souls and as a united humanity to grow beyond the limitations that have held us back up until now. It speaks of greatness and adventure – the qualities and experiences only to be found by stepping forward in humility, joining hands with each other and with our true essence.

To me it shows our true potential if we accept our birthright as ‘divine-potential’ humans. Humans who are much more than we have been taught we are and are connected to each other and all of creation by a loving, wise, joy-filled energy.  

If we look at our lives with our hearts, as well as our heads and are discerning rather than judging and creative ‘out of the box’ thinking, we will be more easily able to settle our differences within ourselves and with others, and find a life of peace. If we give, rather than take, we will find the abundance that is always present. If we come from our inner truth, rather than doing what we think others would have us do, then we become truly happy and leave blame behind us.

The outcome of this journey is not assured – we are facing a complex world of problems and seem to be at odds with each other in so many ways. However, I have a sense that we will be able to turn things around – maybe not all of us – but in some way, as we reach with courage for new solutions, the old problems will fall away and perhaps remain only in our memories as a distant bad dream.

I used to think that meditation and the power of positive thinking were all that were needed.  These days, after living life more of my life and looking at it post menopause, I know that we need more. We need body centred consciousness as well because the body is the place where we are able to perceive/sense  what is happening at a visceral level that is both grounded and immediate.  The vacillations that come from trying to use our heads alone to solve our problems are much less of a problem when we listen to our gut instincts and physically sense what is true, or the correct next step for us.

I won’t spend any more time writing my thoughts here, but will leave this as a memory jogger, or inspiration, or thought-provoking post.  I’d be happy to receive your comments.  

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