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I’m a late developer

…And sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get it! Or get life. Or get me. Coonowrin Badyacc

For decades I’ve really done my best to fit in – gawd – conform – but it’s always got me into trouble. Not in the criminal sense. But in the personal soul-searchingly bleak lost and not quite found type trouble.

I’m writing this from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Queensland, Australia. I was brought up in the UK in the sixties and seventies and conforming was quite a big thing if you weren’t one of the flower power beautiful people. Especially if your parents were forty plus years old when they had you and wanted you to get on in life.

Trouble is, I’m an arty person. Creative down to the core, so even when I was parroting my times tables by rote in a chilly chilblain making classroom in the century old convent grammar school I attended – physically at least – the rest of me – heart, mind and soul was out of bounds, flying away with the fairies as my eyes followed the drifting clouds.

Career? Well, that’s a long and winding story too and right now, I’m just introducing myself and my new blog.

This blog is for the creative, intuitive self within that muses and amuses, crafts and creates.

If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading. I can’t guarantee I’ll stick to any one subject, but I’ll probably be sharing my thoughts, inspirations and frustrations with my art projects along with trips down memory lane and sorting of life’s events and self-understandings, as I continually search for creative expression of my true self, beneath and beyond conforming type conditioning.

This blog will follow my journey to clarity of self expression both as a person and also as an artist.  I paint mainly in acrylics (regular paintings and murals) and more recently (the last few years) have been working with wet-felting.  Wet-felting uses raw, unspun fine Merino wool which you mash for a long time with soapy water to create a textile.  I often mix it up with silk and lay it onto silk chiffon, or tissue silk to create soft, light, drapable nuno felt that is fabulous.

Here’s a picture of some of my felt:

These colours remind me of the beach!

These colours remind me of the beach!

The painting at the top is a picture of one of my paintings: It’s one of the Glasshouse Mountains – Coonowrin.

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