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So many eco-tees!

…And lots of other things as well!

Since I wrote my last post, I have bundled, boiled, dried, rinsed, dried and ironed quite a few new eco-printed shirts and tees. All ready for the CWA Easter Art & Craft Twilight Market on 4th April.

Rather than bore you with the details, which are similar as for previous posts, I’ll add a gallery of my latest beautiful nature-painted clothes.

I’ve taken photos of them in the last few moments of sunlight in front of our mini-rainforest – so the colours of the eco-dyed clothes are enhanced by the trees and bushes, and natural light.

Raspberry lavender nuno silk scarf

First, the scarf

Silk and pc covered

Silk on bubble wrap, some of the materials to be used and my pc covered up

It’s now 5.36pm and following up on my previous post from about 2pm, here are some photos of my finished nuno silk scarf and a rough ‘tutorial’ for anyone interested in the finer points of making a nuno scarf.

As it’s mother’s day coming up, I wanted to create a scarf with a floral accent.

I used tissue silk which I’d hand dyed a raspberry shade.  The colours of the merino wool included hand dyed raspberry and dark lavender, plus a blend of lime and blue/green to give a variegated leaf colour, plus tiny amounts of lilac and pink.

I also used hand-dyed silk rovings as well as textured wool.

Everything went well and it took about three hours to complete this project.

As usual, I pushed my boundaries, this time seeing how little wool I could lay onto the silk that would give a good effect while leaving the finished scarf as light and delicate as possible.  In the final photo, you can see a closeup of the scarf showing some of the detail and also how see-through it is, with my fingers showing through the material.

This is also the first time I’ve used this specific colour combination and I like the effect.  When laying out the edging along the silk, which prevents fraying and effectively hems the scarf without sewing, I began one end all raspberry and by the time I laid out the wool towards the other end, had gradually changed the colour to the dark lavender.  When I laid out the two end ‘roses’, I also alternated the petal colouring accordingly.

All in all, I’m very happy with this scarf.  I’d love your feedback too.

5:2 Fasting update

On the fasting note (from this morning’s post), I found the afternoon went quickly without feeling starving.  I think being busy helped as well as drinking water, black coffee and roibus tea. I’m looking forward to more soup this evening and if calories allow (I think they do), a small amount of chicken breast as well.  Yum!

Felting Scarf photo gallery

What a beautiful day for fasting and felting

It’s a beautiful autumn day here in Queensland.

I’ve spent the morning getting my head around the 5:2 Fast Diet, which, according to the documentary aired recently in Australian and also from reading feedback from those following this new eating plan, it is a great way to ‘reset’ our body to more healthy levels and increase the chances of a better quality of life as we get older.

Without going into any further details as I really want to get into felting and it’s the afternoon already (and I still have to hang out some washing lol), here’s a link to the official website.  5:2 Fast Diet.

One of the reasons I’m so late getting on with other stuff today is that I’ve been downloading apps that will help me with this eating plan.  I just downloaded the My Fitness Pal App for my android, which is a calorie counter for the two ‘fast’ days where you consume 500 calories in the day.  This app will help me on track when I’m out and about.

I also just made a delicious cabbage, carrot and baby spinach soup that is tasty, filling and only gives 116 calories per serving.  That took a while. Not in the making, or the eating but in calculating the best mix of ingredients to provide taste and a lowish calorie count.

So, now I’m full, after I’ve put out the washing I’ll get on with making a couple of scarves  with a yummy selection of hand-dyed merino wool, silk rovings, silk hankies, tissue silk and an open weave cotton scarf a friend brought me back from Thailand that I blogged about the other day.

Dying for purple & cerise scarf

Dying for purple & cerise scarf

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