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Turquoise felt bowl

The other day I had a go at making a felt vessel – I made a small round vase.

Using turquoise, light and deep blues, merino wool rovings, silk tops and also alpaca, I crafted this little bowl using the wet felting technique, around a resist.

The resist was made from a  double-sided piece of bubble wrap (two pieces sticky taped together back to back) and cut to the size and shape of one of my side plates.

After I’d finished, I used the little circle that I cut out to form the opening in the bowl and twisted it into a spiral, sewed on some glass beads, added a turquoise feather and attached it to the bowl.

It looks like a little up-turned hat lol.

I do think it’s cute though.  What do you think?

Turquoise bowl

Turquoise bowl

Anyway, as it was a first attempt, and turned out the shape I wanted, and not collapsing in on itself, I’m spurred on to make some more.

My ambitious mind is imagining tall slender vases with added detail, and perhaps some with wispy tops.


Comments on: "Turquoise felt bowl" (4)

  1. zedster66 said:

    That’s really nice 🙂
    I need to practice using a flat resist for vessels, I usually use a ball, and it’s fiddly 🙂

    • Thanks Zed. 🙂

      Lol, I tried using a ball once but it took all the fun out of felting for me! I needed four hands to get the wool on the ball, wet it and have it stay there … and as for getting the stockings over the top 😉 – yes, fiddly is one word I’d used lol.

      Using the resist is definitely the way to go for me, it was way easier. I’m also looking at felting around a tall thin rectangular shape (maybe even 3D) and see if I can make a taller vase.

      • zedster66 said:

        Ha, the stocking! I only tried that once then stuck to netting 🙂 My friend, Lyn makes lots of gorgeous vessels and uses interesting things to shape them http://rosiepink.typepad.co.uk/rosiepink/

      • Thank you for the link Zed. They are lovely ladies – I had a brief conversation with them a short while ago, as I love their blog. I’m going to search their site in more detail now that you’ve mentioned them again. Thanks. 🙂
        (One day when I get organised, I’m going to add a Links section in the menu bar for links like Rosiepink and your own blogs 🙂 ).

        Netting’s a good idea – I may give it a go one day.

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